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Our kindergarten children grow in confidence as they are provided with basic skills in reading, writing, phonics and maths. They learn so many new skills by working with colours and clay. All the KG classes are equipped with smart boards. Independent learning, group work and whole class dynamics with a wide range of activities such as Maths and language games, story narration, role play, hand eye co- ordination activities, mix and match, classify and sorting activities, puzzles and games, cut and paste activities , flash cards, sentence strips , story boards and picture books, rhymes,songs, smart room activities, activities for creative skills and multiple intelligence, life skill training and a lot more are part of the KG curriculum.

Education is so much mom than just the written word. It is the fountainhead of experience. A confluence of the art of 'seeking' and the science of 'doing'. It is the propeller of growth — of individual identities, of society and nation at large. Most importantly, it is an ethos that your child imbibes to transform his life. At GEO KIDZ - the kindergarten wing of GPS, we call it the Joy of Learning.